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In the recent years, our school has cooperated with many different schools abroad in order to make connections to the open world. This is a great opportunity for Le Quy Don students to make new friends, learn about new things and develop their social skills.



On 23rd October, 34 students from Meridian Secondary School in Singapore visited our school, and I’m proud to be one of the students from our school to meet and study with them for a day.


My first impression about these Singaporean students was their friendliness and cooperation. When they spread out to visit different stores and places in our school yard, which were decorated according to the Halloween theme. They got on really well with our students, and we had a great time together. Participating in all of the Halloween activities, playing Halloween games and finding out new things about the festival with friends from another country were such a memorable experience to them, I think.






Things even got better later on. We were divided into three different groups to join different classes taught by our foreign teachers. The atmosphere was really friendly. We introduced ourselves one after another so that we could get to know each other better. Then, Mr. Uli – our teacher – showed us some videos and cool things about Halloween. What blew my mind up was the history of Halloween – how the word “Halloween” was formed, what people used to doand all those stuffs. I really had a feeling that my mind was broadened and I learned a lot of new things.


Sadly, time passed by so fast. It was time to say goodbye to students from Meridian Secondary School. We took a picture together and exchanged gifts. However, we still keep in touch, and I’ve now got a friend in Singapore. She told me great things about her trip to Vietnam with her school and how she would love to come back here in the future. She said:

I really enjoyed the fruits and food in your country, especially dragon fruit and Pho Ga. We have the same chicken noodles back in Singapore, but I still like the taste of Pho Ga better. I really like the politeness of Vietnamese people. In the future, I will surely come back to Vietnam if I have the opportunity”.









It’s great to hear such nice things from a foreign friend, and I’m really happy because after this meeting, I have received many things – knowledge, experience and new friends. This will surely be a remarkable memory for me as well as other students at Le Quy Don Secondary School.


Học sinh Ngô Minh Kiên – Lớp 9A3


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