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Opening Ceremony at Le Quy Don school through a student’s view
The autumn is coming. The sky was wearing a new outfit coloured with blue and white clouds as soft as cotten candies. the sun was shining and scattering yellow sunlight. The wind was blowing calmly.


On the schoolyard, Le Quy Don students lined up in queues for the opening ceremony. All students were in white uniforms. Opening the ceremony began with three dancing and singing performances absolutely from students. These amateur but amazing dancers and singers had warmed up the whole schoolyard and inspired us in order to welcome delegatess. From the hall, a line of people stepped out. It was such a pleasure for us to attend the ceremoney with them. We all gave warm greetings to them.




After the delegates took a seat , Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong – the vice-principal of Le Quy Don school read out loud the letter for the Education Sector from President Tran Dai Quang during the whole country’s opening ceremony day.



Next up was an opening ceremony speech of Mr Nguyen Anh Tuan – the principal of Le Quy Don school. After the speech, he drummed and declared a new term started. All the balloons were up, covered the sky, flew up high like students’ dreams. The drumbeat echoed movedly in each student’s mind.





After the solemnity of anthem, we enjoyed some interesting, eventful performances from both studetns and teachers.





Ending the ceremony were lightsome dances and happy songs. Everybody  was excited and eager for the new school year. I hope that the new school year will be a successful and fabuous year.


Vy Anh lớp 8A4

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