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English is the international language. It’s the language of business, culture and sociality.

Therefore, learning English is no longer limited in schools and classes, but is now open to the real world. Last Tuesday, our class had a trip to the Hanoi Museum – one of the world’s 30 museums with the most unique designs. Not only did it bring us fun and entertainment but also provided us with many interesting knowledge about historical periods and relics of Vietnam.  



Bảo tàng Hà Nội (Hanoi Museum)


   First, let’s talk about the general facts about the Hanoi Museum. It was built in order to celebrate the Millennial Anniverary of Hanoi. The construction started on August 19th 2008 – the birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, and was opened to public on October 6th 2010. The museum was designed by German architects.

   My first impression of the museum is the design of it. When I saw it, I understood why it is one of the museums in the world with the most remarkable designs. Not like normal buildings, this museum has the shape of an inverted pyramid. The benefit of this structure is that it takes up less ground space to build, but still guarantees the inner space of the museum since the higher the mueum gets, the wider the floor becomes. This is a really creative way of designing a building.





   When we got into the museum, I immediately got the atmosphere of a place which keeps history. The relics, the pictures, even the scent of wood and bronze…., all of them created an impresion on me. The first zone we had a look at is the Vietnamese Sacret Mascots Exhibition. Some examples are elephants, horses, dragons and phoenixes. And each of them has different meanings. Elephants represent consistence, horses represent courage and independence,…











   The next zone we were led to was the Modern History Relics Exhibition. This zone contains a large number of pictures, photographs of the 1970s to the 1980s and weapons used in the war. However, what impressed me the most are the relics of the period 1970s-1980s. We had a look at the old bicycle – a very expensive and valuable object in the past. Back in the time, people only got provided one part of a bicycle every month or two. Therefore, in order to have a complete bicycle, it took a very long time and required extreme effort. Another object which caught my sight is the old cine-projector. It was quite big, bigger than it is in my imagination. It recalled me of a period of time which was tough and hard for Vietnamese people, when they don’t have much, and everything seemed like a challenge to them.



   Overall, the trip to the Hanoi Museum was really interesting and informational. It will sure be a memory for us, especially when we leave Le Quy Don Secondary School in the future.


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