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Các học sinh xuất sắc giành chứng chỉ tiếng Anh Cambridge: KET, PET và FCE
In the month of May, 2015, a collection of students had their English language tested with the KET, PET and FCE exams.



Nguyen Huy Anh Duc, with a score of 95/100 in the KET exam






These tests give students a chance to know how they’re doing, where they’re at with studying the language of English. It also had been a chance for students to familiarise themselves with the structures and types of questions that can be asked in form of an English examination. Since being such an important test for those who have applied, they, of course, have studied and worked hard to achieve their goals; most outstanding of all were the three students who received top marks in the three examinations:


Nguyen Huy Anh Duc, with a score of 95/100 in the KET exam; Nguyen Tien Duc, with a score of 92/100 in the PET exam; Ngo Minh Kien, with a score of 172/190 in the FCE exam. These three students could be said to have achieved the success. They may be considered to be talented in a language which they now may feel like their own. They had set their goals, studied, practised and revised thoroughly to be ready for the day of the examination, and had successfully made their mark. They should be congratulated on the hard work they’ve put in to achieve such high scores.


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