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My unforgettable experience!
Today was a very great day to me! I studied a lot during the day. During the day, I took part in a number of activities and games which were new and interesting and we all tried our best to win. It was great that we received lots of lovely notebooks and yummy sweets.



We experienced many lessons including Math, Literature, English and Science. All lessons were so joyful and impressive. I used to hate Maths, but after the exciting lesson here, I became more and more interested in the subject. Although the experience lasted only one day, I did feel like I was a true 6th grader. Additionally, though this was the first time I’d studied Physics, I was really excited and inspired by fun games and cheerful atmosphere. Particularly, I was able to learn such practical knowledge and skills during the lesson. I was so happy to know how to make cute drums and beautiful hand-made toys.

Through games and classes, I not only had so much fun but also learnt about solidarity. Although my team could not win, we still felt happy and even yelled out like we were the winners.

Besides meaningful lessons with such lovely teachers who I wish to meet again, I was really impressed with the school lunch which was so delicious. I really hope I can come back this school!

Mai Anh lớp 5A7

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