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My unforgettable trip to Tam Dao mountain
On September 29, our school organized a field trip for grade 6, 7 and 8. I was very surprised and really excited because this was the first time I’d been there. And finally the day has come.


In the morning of that day, I woke up earlier than usual because of the excitement inside me. And right when I stepped into the class, everyone was going around the class with great enthusiasm. Everyone packed a lot of necessary things such as a personal water bottle, some food to eat on the way there. And when school drum went off, all the students from grade 6 to 8 gathered on the school yard. The principal told us some important things and then each class got on their bus. Tam Dao is a pretty far place from our school so it may take us a long time to get there.



On the way there, the bus was filled with students’ laughter. When we were almost there, we had to go up a mountain. It’s really high with lots of green trees. You can really see the beautiful trees there. The higher we went, the steeper the road got. If you looked out of the window, you would see some of the most beautiful scenes. Our class took a lot of pictures to show our parents and friends about this trip. And we finally got there.



Firstly, we were told to go up the mountain on foot by our teachers. The air got cooler and cooler as you went up, because Tam Dao is a place with mountainous climate. We ended our morning trip with a visit to a beautiful pagoda. At noon, we came back to the bus and experienced ourselves in the local market.



The first place that we went was considered as the most famous church there. From there, you could also see a great view. Our class took a photo of the whole class to keep this precious memory.





There was nothing special at lunch, just some simple food that our school made. After that you could either went to the market to buy things or paid a visit to the square. I, along with my group, went to the square to see a beautiful French fountain and a park next to it. My group spent a short period of time relaxing in a café called ‘ROCK’.

Oh, it was time we came back to the bus and went back to our lovely school.


I have to say that this is a pretty short trip because there are more things there that I want to see. The trip ended in the late afternoon, but I really wanted to stay there a bit longer. I myself have a deep impression on this trip. I would like to express my great thanks to the school board for organizing this trip and giving more beautiful memories to my youth. I’m sure I will never forget even when I’m older.


Khanh Linh-8A3

Last Friday, my school organized a trip to Tam Dao for students from grade 6 to 8. Before getting on the bus, the principal told us everything we need to remember such as check our bags carefully, be careful on the way there, stick with our group, etc... 




During the time we were on the bus, the teachers gave us milk, bread and chips in case we got hungry or thirsty. Having been seen from distance, Tam Dao looked very beautiful with trees surrounding and houses up on high. The spectacular scenery got me excited!



When we reached the destination, the first place we went was Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple. There were a lot of stairs to climb up, but everyone did it joyfully. The temple isn't too big, but historic and nice indeed. On the top floor, we could see Tam Dao down there, being covered with trees, which was so amazing!




After that, we were sent to a small restaurant to eat lunch and rest. It was very sunny but cool. There wasn’t much for lunch but we all enjoyed it. After resting for a bit, almost everyone wandered around the place with their teachers. Some of them went up to the church, and some of them went to the markets.



The markets looked very traditional, and it had everything inside. Sadly, I didn’t bring much money to buy stuffs there... Moving on to the church, it looked old, yet beautiful and perfect for taking pictures or selfies.



Time sure flew fast! When we had to come back to school because it was the end of the trip, it felt like I'd only been there for minutes! I really liked the trip and hope that our school will organize more trips like this for us!   


Ngoc Quynh – 7A4



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